Commonly asked Questions and Answers

Q: Is the price of a custom action worth the extra expense compared to a blueprinted Remington 700? 


A: This is a question we receive a lot. In short, it depends on the shooter and the purpose of the rifle. For example, many shooters in the F-Class and PRS world like the idea of an integrated recoil lug and rail such as the Defiance and Surgeon actions. This ensures that a scope base will never come loose, and these actions allow a shooter to utilize a "switch barrel" setup. Furthermore, the bolts on custom actions generally come spiral fluted with oversized bolt knob installed. These are added components for the Rem 700 action, which means more cost incurred. In closing, the Rem 700 will still produce 1/4 MOA groups given the right shooter and ammo due to the exacting tolerances after the "blueprinting" process. 


Q: What is DST's process for properly breaking in a barrel? 


A: This is another question asked by shooters of all skill levels when heading to the range with their new rifle. We utilize Bartlein barrels on all of our custom line of rifle builds. With that being said, we generally follow the "break-in" procedures set in place by Bartlein barrels to ensure proper break in. This break in procedure can be found on Bartlein's website.


Q: What is the current lead time for your custom line of rifles? 


A: At DST, we strive to keep everything in stock for our custom line of rifles. However, this may not always be the case depending on the build. If we have all components in stock the build time will be around 8-10 weeks. However, if the build is completely custom, the build will be around 6-8 months depending on barrel, stock, or action manufacturer. 


Q: What coating do you use on your rifles? 


A: We coat all of our rifles in Birdsong T-Coat. This product is widely used by the US military and has to pass extensive testing to be applied to military issued gear. It is self lubricating and is perfect for use in all environments.


Q: Do you sale components for rifle builds?


A: Yes, all of our products including actions and barrels can be purchased through our online store or at DST's storefront. We try to work with other builders on purchasing product as well, so if you are an FFL holder contact the shop about details relating to purchasing as a rifle builder. 


Q: Where is your storefront located ?


A: Our physical address is 710 Second St. Pelahatchie, MS 39145. This is directly across from City Hall in downtown Pelahatchie. 


Q: What products do you keep in stock? 


A: We stock all major brands of actions including, but not limited to, Defiance, Surgeon, Stiller, Curtis, Kelbly, and Remington 700. Also, we have multiple barrels manufacturers in stock such as Bartlein, Krieger, Schneider, Mullerworks, and Proof Research. We are direct dealers with Timney, TriggerTech, and CG Xtreme Triggers.