Customer Supplied Parts Barreled Action Build - Rem 700

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This package is for customers who already have a Remington 700 action and barrel blank. We will true your action, install a .250" recoil lug, chamber your desired caliber, cut barrel to desired length, and crown and thread the muzzle. Read more


Action truing:

  • Square action face¬†
  • Square internal lugs
  • Recut threads .010" oversized
  • Square bolt face
  • Lap bolt lugs
  • .250" precision ground recoil lug included with this package


  • Barrel blank is indicated to within .0001" before any machine work is started
  • 3/8 MOA guarantee with factory match ammo


  • Barrel blank is cut to desired finish length
  • Muzzle indicated to .0001" before any machine work is started
  • Muzzle receives a recessed 11 degree crown
  • Muzzle is thread 5/8x24 or 1/2x28